“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

American Author & Poet   

Good will is always good business especially in the extraordinary times in which we find ourselves.  For companies of all sizes, it is a moment to rise above and access one’s relationship to one’s clients whether they be business-to-business or consumer facing or both.

As strategic marketing, branding, communications specialists, we have been consulting with clients from travel destinations, to major retailers to consumer packaged goods to food chains to technology companies, venture capital firms and start-ups.

In this whiplash moment, it is important to have experts with a pulse on the zeitgeist to support companies in delivering sensitive messaging and review ways to reinvent marketing-approaches or position products to adapt to the current sensibilities and sensitivities.

The worst thing a company can do is to remain silent. But it is imperative to have the right tone and it is about caring for the client/consumer – not selling but sharing – connecting.  We believe it is better to take a careful deep breath and devise a series of ongoing outreach strategies that can be sensitive, potent, memorable, and effective.

Here are 5 Top Action Items

  1. Have an expert draft a strategically worded, empathetic, but upbeat heartfelt message from the CEO to company clients and consumers.
  2. For small to mid-sized companies, personalized correspondence to investors and supporters is pivotal.
  3. Creating a cost-effective campaign that utilizes one’s website and social media to create ongoing interactivity with clients-consumers.
  4. Review what timely stories one can brainstorm with a communications expert that can become part of outreach to media.
  5. Outreach strategies need to be ongoing, elegant and empathetic providing useful tips.   

These are just a few action items that can contribute to enhancing one’s brand and deliver a real sense of fortitude and comfort about how you will triumph together.  A light at the end of the tunnel. A vision.  It is a time for leaders to deliver strength and knowledge.  A time when clients, consumers, colleagues and supporters will remember how you rose up to meet the challenges with integrity, compassion and great humanity.

Debra Sharon Davis, President and Chief Executive Officer of Davis Communications Group, Inc.  (818) 710 8198 for a free introductory consultation.  Davis Communications Group, Inc. has been in business for more than twenty years.


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