Agility Turns Five!

It was truly serendipity when in 2015, Cindy Solovei met Mimi Nguyen by interviewing for a position to replace Mimi at her former job. They impressed each other and, rather than take that job, Cindy and Mimi, complementary in skillsets and personality, joined forces to create Agility Financial Partners. That was five years ago and both agree that it’s been the best move they ever made.

From the Agility Founders

It’s been a great ride – we could not have picked better clients and are very proud of the boutique firm that we have built and our small but fantastic team that are true team players and have been able to help our clients be nimble and adapt to changes quickly. We have an amazing portfolio of clients that we hold near and dear to our hearts!

In the spirit of the serendipity of our meeting to form this more perfect union five years ago, we wanted to share some of Agility’s most interesting and varied clients and projects with you in our “Agility Turns Five!” email series starting in January. We hope you enjoy learning about these companies just as much as we have enjoyed being a part of their story! Look for the first of these client highlights in January featuring an electric new eSports football league, the FCF, that is making news all over the place!


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