Transactional Support

Our Core Services Focus on the Following

In the business world, time does not stand still – nothing stays the same. Growth and opportunity are rarely convenient. Agility provides on-demand individual and team-based accounting and finance consultants to clients to help manage the demands of the M&A, IPO or other transactional process.

Buyer Support

Provide stand-alone companies and private equity firms the extra support and expertise required to get the deal done. Solution areas include:

  • Due diligence requests and target evaluation
  • Integration of acquisition into current environment projections
  • Evaluation of capitalization strategies
  • Assistance in Quality of Earnings Reports
  • Back Office Integration

Seller Support

  • Due diligence requests
  • Back office integration
  • Assistance in Quality of Earnings Reports


IPO Readiness

“Going Public” sounds glamorous. In reality there is a lot of sweat and heavy lifting that goes into taking a company public before you can ring the bell. It is not an easy feat undergoing the IPO process while still trying to operate your company and it is highly likely your internal resources will need some assistance and expertise to get you where you need to go. Solution areas include:

  • Pre-IPO Planning including internal resource assessment, help selecting advisors, timing and risk identification and solution
  • S-1 Preparation
  • Implementation of closing and reporting controls

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