Partner Spotlight: Trinet

We have implemented and use Trinet as a Payroll and HR solution at many of our clients.  TriNet is a leading provider of comprehensive human resources solutions for small and midsize businesses.  As a trusted HR business partner, TriNet assumes many of the responsibilities of being an employer and helps companies contain HR costs, minimize employer-related risks and relieve the administrative burden of HR.

TriNet offers bundled HR products tailored by industry, and strategic HR services, resulting in a comprehensive and empowering solution. The TriNet HR solution includes services such as payroll processing, human capital consulting, employment law compliance and workers’ compensation insurance, as well as access to employee benefits, including big company health insurance and retirement plans. The TriNet services are delivered by an expert team of HR professionals and enabled by a cloud-based technology platform, which allows TriNet clients and their employees to efficiently conduct transactions anytime, anywhere.

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